CurBot® | Electric Curtain Opener for Single Curtain

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Simple to set up
Google/Alexa Compatible (Hub 1S Req.)
Support multiple apps: OTER | Tuya | Smart life
Year-Long Battery Life 
Unlock a Healthier Lifestyle
Color: Moon Silver
Combo: With Remote
Color: Space Gray


Smart curtain

Easily enhance your window treatments and greet the morning sunshine.


OTER app

Route calibration, timing control and voice control can be achieved through the oter app. At the same time, there are also light sensor control, touch & go and other functions.

You can use the app to complete remote control and other functions. You can also contact us directly.


OTER app

Route calibration, timing control and voice control can be achieved through the oter app. At the same time, there are also light sensor control, touch & go and other functions.

You can use the app to complete remote control and other functions. You can also contact us directly.

Eazy to Go

Your Portable Curtain Control Companion, Perfect for Travel, Business Trips, and Moving Adventures

Hand-Pull Activation

CurBot is a game-changer for your pets too! With our innovative Hand-Pull Activation feature, you can teach your furry friends to manage the curtains themselves.


Make your curtains smart in 10 seconds.




Customer Reviews

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the hook does not fit for adjustable rod

I have test curbot-3, I am using one adjustable rod, which the diameter is from 1"-3/4" for 1" part is fine, but when it roll to 3/4" the motor does not reach to the rod, so that the curbot is spinning but not moving.
it look like the hook only fit for one size(1")


Always wanted curtains that opened. at the flip of a switch and this clever device has made that a reality.
Didn’t have to make any changes to the curtains and I didn’t need any tools to install it. It simply hooks onto the curtain rod. Three different types of hooks were in the box, one of which fit the rod on our bedroom drapery.
Comes with an easy-to-use remote controller or it can be controlled via a phone app. Love that!!
Apparently-according to the comprehensive book that came with- it can be expanded via additional sensor devices. even more magic tricks!
The maker says the battery only needs charging once a year...Wow.
So nice to be able to open the drapery to greet the day while being lazy in bed.
Love this magical device.

Convenient curtain opening

This curbot is a convenient curtain opener. It has been a struggle for me to reach over my couch to pull my curtains open and closed each day. I decided to give the Curbot a shot and it has made it easy to open my curtain now.... the only thing to be aware of is that this is only ONE curbot which is find if you are using it to open a slider door curtain where the entire curtain opens in one direction. If you have a curtain that opens in the middle (two sets of curtains where one side opens to the left and the other side to the right), you will require TWO curbots.

I did have a difficult time linking the curbot to the app. Granted, I did not read any directions, but I rarely do anyway with minimal effort.

This curbot device has a "eye" that can be set up to detect sunlight and open automatically when detected. In order to do so, the eye should be facing outward (toward the window), however.....when I had mine facing outward, I needed to set it to open my curtain to the left and I was unable to make it open to the left when I installed it with the eye facing outward..... I even tried setting it to open the right (backwards from what I needed it to)......although it worked, I really wanted it to be able to open it to the left and not have to swipe backwards on the app to open the curtain.

I eventually have to install the curbot backwards on the rod, with the eye facing inside (toward the curtain) which now defeated the purpose of detecting sunlight for automatic opening. However, at this point the curbot DID open my curtain in the proper direction that I wished.

It then took me quite a while (over an hour) to get the curtain to open and close 100%. It kept opening and closing only 25% to 35% even when I set the app to open and close 100%...... eventually I was able to get it to open and close fully, but it was time consuming to get to that point.

The other issue I had once I got it working to my satisfaction is when I tried to install the app to my husband's cellphone so HE could open and close the curtain when I was away from home.... I signed into the app with my password but the curbot continued to indicate that it was offline on his phone and failed to work, yet it showed online and worked perfectly on my phone..... I assumed that downloading the app and logging in with my password on his phone would work but I could not for the life of me get it to work on his phone.

One other issue I had is that you are supposedly able to link this curbot to your Alexa, so I gave up on tryign to make it work on my husbands phone thinking I would just link it to Alexa and he could tell her to open / close the curtain. Oh my God..... this was the difficult device I have ever tried to link to Alexa and I have many devices linked to her. It showed in my Alexa app that the curbot was successfully linked to her, however, everytime I told her to open the curtain all she did was give a "BOMP" sound and NOTHING. I DID read the directions for THIS part and followed them but after three attempts I gave up :(

I still give the device 5 stars because once you get it to work, it works GREAT! Granted....I only have one, so I still have to reach over to open the other side curtain but at least that side is easier for me to reach. Maybe someday I will purchase a second one. Time will tell.

game changer

We have a double sliding glass door at our house that is great during the summer but a heat zapper in the winter months. With the Curbot we are able to have it automatically open the curtains when the sun is out and warm and then automatically close them when it starts to cool off.

It's also nice when the sun is reflecting off the tv or shining in my eyes to be able to close them without having to get up and do it. This i

Super cool gadget!

First of all, if I'm not careful than my entire house is going to be smarter than me! This is a great product. If you’re looking to make your house more automated or if your curtains are sitting too high and you need to wait to open or close them without getting up this little guy for you.
It is extremely easy to set up and you can use an app to set a time to open or close your curtains or manually open them whenever you choose.
If you don’t wanna use the app, it comes with a handy remote
One of the great features I like is that you can take it with you when you’re traveling and attaching it to curtains, and hotels or motels.
Plus don’t worry about what kind of rod that you have, this robot will attach to any of them. I highly recommend this item to anybody that wants simplify their life when it comes to opening or if you have an elderly parent. I will say that with all these "smart" gadgets these days I am going to have to get a universal app to control all of them. Lol