AuraBot | Sleep Fragrance for Night, Aromatherapy Diffuser-Rose(110ml)

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💛 Patented scientific technology for long-lasting fragrance release
💫 Adjustable settings with timed intervals for spraying
💭 Uses nanotechnology to diffuse aroma into the air
🤍 Ultra-quiet operation for peaceful companionship
🤎 Breathable atmosphere lighting for added ambiance
💚 Safe and pet-friendly design for worry-free use
Type: 「 Relax 」 - Red Fruit Tea



A dream diffuser to ease your way into slumber.

Miniature bottle, perfect for on-the-go.

Joy for Morning

Start enjoy Joy's aroma as you awaken in the garden, perfectly set for morning invigoration.

Sleep for Night

Enchantment of sleep scent is perfect for your evening routine, promising tranquility amidst the forest's post-rain serenity.

Customer Reviews

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Convenient and gorgeous.

This diffuser is perfect for those seeking a cutting-edge solution to customize their aromatherapy experience to match their changing moods and preferences.

I'm grateful for this little device as it's become part of my sleep and morning routine.

When I first tried OTER's Aurabot, I didn't expect it to have such a big impact on my sleep and wake-ups. This elegant device transformed my sleep experience, making it easier for me to fall asleep and wake up fresher in the morning.

Before bed, I set my diffuser to play natural sounds, like running water or birdsong. It helps me fall asleep and enjoy the healing power of music. In the morning, instead of an annoying alarm, my fragrance machine wakes me up gently with soft music, like birdsong or ocean waves. This method helps me feel rejuvenated and start my day right.

Overall, Aurabot has a positive impact on my sleep and mornings. It provides a relaxing way to fall asleep and wake up, improving my sleep quality and making my mornings more enjoyable.

Emma Thompson
Absolutely Vibrant

You guys, "Aurabot" is absolutely vibrant! I'm totally loving the fragrance vibes it's throwing out. Seriously, it's got that inviting scent that's making my place feel like a chill hangout spot. Not to mention, it's a hit with the ladies. The design? Oh, it's on point!

Max Johnson
Welcoming Ambiance

Welcoming Ambiance: "Aurabot" sets the mood just right. The scent and design are top-notch.

Noah Wilson
Cozy Vibes

With "Aurabot," I'm totally feeling those cozy vibes! The scent is out of this world, and it's got this magical effect on my place. My friends are hooked, especially the ladies. And that sleek design? It's the real deal.