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My CurBot Usage Diary - Finoa

CurBot usage | OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

Hi AIOTER, I'm Fiona, proud angel investor of CurBot. As someone who cherishes the warmth of the sun and enjoys basking in its rays, my daily routine revolves around embracing sunlight. I wake up promptly at 6 o'clock each morning, kick-starting my day with a rejuvenating yoga session. There's nothing quite like the tranquility and comfort that yoga in the sun brings. And that's precisely why I discovered CurBot.

【6:00 - Timing】 At 6 o'clock, I utilize the timer function to open the curtains by 15%. A gentle beam of sunlight seeps into my bedroom, gently rousing me from slumber. With a smile on my face, I stretch and greet the new day, knowing it's off to a splendid start! *Note: Connection to Hub 1S is required for this functionality.

【7:00 - Voice Control/Percentage Control】 At 7 o'clock, my yoga session begins. To infuse the room with abundant sunlight, I effortlessly command Alexa to open the curtains to 80% through voice control while gracefully warming up on my yoga mat. "Hi Alexa, please help me open the curtains by 80%." The curtains gracefully glide open, inviting the golden rays to envelop the space. *Note: Connection to Hub 1S is required for this functionality.

【8:30 - Remote Control】 By 8:30, it's time for me to head out for work. Anticipating direct sunlight streaming into the room in the afternoon, I decide to close all the curtains to shield the furniture from excessive exposure. Standing at the door, I effortlessly reach for the remote control and with a single press of a button, all six CurBots obediently close the curtains simultaneously.

【12:00 - Long-distance Control】 Observing the cloudy weather outside, I use my phone to manually open the curtains in the living room by 50%. This ensures the room remains illuminated enough, preventing it from becoming too dim and keeping my furry companion entertained during my absence. *Note: Connection to Hub 1S is required for this functionality.

【16:00 - Touch & Go】 As I enter the bedroom, I notice that all the curtains are wide open. My playful pet has engaged in its curtain-tugging antics once again. Yet, with the CurBot's intelligent design, as soon as it senses the pull, the curtains automatically glide open, as if dancing to my pet's delight.

【19:00 - Light Sensing】 Upon returning home, I switch on the lights, and the CurBot in the living room immediately detects the surge in light. Knowing I have arrived, it discreetly closes the curtains, ensuring my privacy and creating a cozy ambiance within.

CurBot has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, effortlessly bringing the beauty of natural light into my life. Its diverse range of functions, including precise timing, voice control, remote operation, and even touch sensitivity, has elevated my home experience to new heights. I am grateful to be a part of the CurBot journey, witnessing firsthand the magic it adds to our everyday lives.


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