CurBot Compatibility Chronicles: ANGEL's Customized Fix

CurBot Compatibility Chronicles: ANGEL's Customized Fix

At OTER, we firmly believe that every customer deserves a perfectly compatible product. Our story begins with a customer, ANGEL, from Mexico, whose issue prompted us to reflect on users facing compatibility challenges. Today, we share this unique story to showcase our commitment to providing solutions for every CurBot user.


The Challenge of Hooks:

ANGEL, a customer from Mexico, had purchased CurBot, a wireless smart curtain robot. However, she encountered what seemed like an insurmountable problem. Her curtain track measured only 1/2 inch, while CurBot's standard hooks were 1 inch. While this situation is not uncommon in the market, for her, it was an issue that couldn't be ignored. She decided to reach out to us, and below is a record of her communication with us through Amazon.


angel's chat about curbot -1


The Birth of a Solution:

Upon receiving ANGEL's photos of her curtain track, we immediately procured hooks of the same model and embarked on in-depth research. Only by understanding various data related to curtain tracks could we provide her with a perfect solution. Our designers began designing the hooks.

We designed three different versions of the hook, ultimately opting for a detachable assembly method to ensure the fastest installation for CurBot users.


Testing and Validation:

We rigorously tested the 3D-printed hooks on the purchased curtain track, the same model as the customer's. The results showed that CurBot hooks performed excellently on the track. Based on this achievement, we sent the hook design to the customer.

angel's chat about curbot -2
Providing a Free Solution to Customers:

After completing all the necessary parameter tests, we pledged to send the hooks to the customer for free, ensuring she could resolve her issue seamlessly.

angel's chat about curbot -3


Under the OTER umbrella, we recognize that CurBot users may encounter product compatibility issues that can be frustrating. Our goal is to provide solutions that meet the needs of every CurBot user. Even in the face of challenging situations, we remain dedicated to researching, designing, and testing to ensure you receive a perfect product. If standard hooks don't meet your requirements, don't worry – we will continue to offer more choices. Your satisfaction is our greatest success. Choose OTER, choose solutions.

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