What is a “Curtain Robot”?

OTER-CurBot 1S - Moon Sliver-Curtain Robot

The curtain robot drives the electric curtain to move back and forth along the track through its own forward and reverse rotation. The intelligent curtain controller with the same performance is the curtain motor. The curtain robot is also different from the curtain motor. It does not require cumbersome processes such as installing sockets and custom tracks, and the price is relatively low. It can complete the installation within 10 seconds, and the installation cost is zero.
The biggest feature of the curtain robot is that it can quickly realize the intelligence of ordinary opening and closing curtains without replacing the original curtain track.

The appearance is small and portable, and a single device has been matched with many different types of tracks.

Functions such as intelligent linkage with other smart devices.

The power source is lithium battery, and the curtain robot has built-in lithium battery to power it.

The device has a built-in low-power Bluetooth wireless communication module.
Accessing the network through the APP and matching the Bluetooth MESH gateway, it can realize remote control, timing, voice control, opening and closing curtains and other access ecology.

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