How to Set Up Distance Calibration?

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How does CurBot determine which position the curtains are fully open/closed? Where is 60% open?

Therefore, before using CurBot, you need to let CurBot learn the length of the curtain track, which is the distance calibration.

How to start distance calibration?

Type 1: After adding a device, when you click the device on the home page for the first time, there will be a pop-up prompt below.

Type 2: On the control page of the device, select the distance calibration function, and there will be a pop-up prompt below.
How to achieve distance calibration?

There are two ways to calibrate the distance. The first is automatic calibration, which is only used for single curtains. The second is manual calibration, which supports single and double curtains. The shades are fully closed before calibration.
Type 1: Automatic calibration

1) Select the curtain mode: open left/open right;
2) The equipment automatically starts to run until it stops when it encounters a stall;
3) The equipment runs in the other direction until it reencounters a stall and stops;
4) Complete the calibration.

Type 2: Manual calibration

1)Select the curtain mode: open left/open right/open to both sides

When selecting open left/open right, directly enter the calibration page:
2) Start the calibration, click the corresponding button "< / >" according to the moving direction of the curtain animation on the page until the device runs to the fully open position of the curtain you want;
3) Click the corresponding button according to the animation direction of the curtain movement on the page until the device runs to the fully closed position of the curtain;
4) The playback device is in full on/off position;
5) If the playback effect has deviated, you can choose to recalibrate;
6) Complete the calibration.


When choosing to open to both sides, two devices are required, so first, bind the two devices into a group:

7) Add another CurBot and complete the binding to form a "CurBot-group."
8) Go back to the homepage and click "CurBot-group" to start the route calibration

The two devices need to start the distance calibration one by one. The steps are the same as the above 3) - 5)

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