How to Set The Timing Function of CurBot?

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Tired of wasting time opening and closing curtains? Hate the feeling of being woken up by an alarm clock? Installing smart curtain devices seems to be an excellent choice.

In the case of deep sleep, if a person is suddenly awakened by an alarm clock, he may be stimulated by a certain degree of shock. Suppose you wake up immediately after the alarm clock. In that case, it may also enable the cerebral cortex, causing dizziness, nausea, chest tightness, dark eyes, irritability, and a sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate due to postural changes. Therefore, you should avoid getting up immediately after waking up to an alarm clock. You can take it easy for a while to awake more and get up after your body adapts to avoid dizziness, nausea, chest tightness, dark eyes, irritability, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and other discomforts. Symptoms.


- About "CurBot-Schedule"

1. Set custom time to perform CurBot on/off, support single/weekly cycle.
2. When the timing execution time is up, the action to be executed is consistent with the current state, and no action is taken.
3. When multiple switches are used, each button can be set individually.
4. Timing is divided into device timing and cloud timing.
5. Reference for the difference between device timing and cloud timing
6. The scheduled task function sends data to the device at a set time and a set task period.
Note: The same physical port under the same IoT device will receive the same data.

- How to Set Schedule
You can set the schedule function in the following two ways, But for this premise, the hub needs to be connected:

Way 1:

Find "Schedule" through the "settings" of the device:
In this function, you can customize the time and percentage control of curtain opening/closing.

Way 2:

Find "Automatic Control" in the scene, and set the condition: "When the time is XX: XX, the curtain will automatically open/close.



If the timing fails, try the following:

1.Turn off the phone's bluetooth.
2.Check whether the wifi connected to the gateway is 2.4G or 5G, the gateway only supports 2.4G network.

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