CurBot's debut in 2021 — Kickstarter

CurBot's debut in 2021 —— Kickstarter | OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

(Thanks to CurBot's 167 angels from 23 countries!)

The birth of CurBot stemmed from an accident in 2020 by my grandma. After we could not find a product that met our needs on the market, we firmly took the decision to develop CurBot. We did not do much research on the market. More, It is an irrational judgment. We just think that there will be many people like grandma in the world. We want CurBot to help more people with inconvenient legs and feet to achieve the need to easily control the sun.

At the same time as design, we poured all our efforts into CurBot, as if it already had a life and became our child, so you can quickly reflect on our pursuit from the appearance of CurBot. After the appearance was determined, we encountered a crucial multiple-choice question, where should it be selected for its debut?

Two options:

  • For short-term gain, sell CurBot directly to various off-the-shelf corporate customers for profit.
  • For long-term benefit, sell CurBot directly to end customers to absorb feedback and continuously improve and iterate.


These two choices are accessible to most people. They choose the first path easily, and it is easy for us to choose, but on the contrary, we choose the second path. Many people don't understand, but only we know what we want.


I think Jobs's words perfectly explain this choice. When asked about the most significant difference between 2B and 2C businesses, he replied, "I like the consumer market and why we hate the enterprise market. We want to design Products let everyone know, everyone votes for themselves, they simply answer yes or no, if many people say yes, we can get up and go to work tomorrow, this is the consumer market, and the enterprise market is the people who really use the product without The decision.


The people making the decisions often don't know what they're doing, we just want to create the best product for consumers, and they'll vote with their bills whether we've made a good thing."

It is undeniable that this sentence has given us a lot of confidence. Just like every parent wants their child to be unique, we also hope to provide CurBot with a different origin.

CurBot represents a new category, a new life, and a new market. It is a combination of technology and green. The reason is simple, as Steve Jobs said, consumers, can directly vote on whether they want it or not. Therefore, we integrated all channels and selected its first launch platform on the world's largest crowdfunding platform - Kickstarter.

But often, dreams are beautiful, and reality is skinny. We underestimated the difficulty of crowdfunding. Due to inexperience, we almost chose to launch the product in the worst period, that is, during Christmas, because to prepare for the most important festival of the year, most consumers have no extra funds to purchase, and we do not have sufficient capital reserves and talent reserves like other large companies, so we basically have no additional funds for promotion and marketing, so basically there are not many consumers can see our products.


But to our surprise, even in this case, 167 Backers from 23 countries and regions still supported CurBot, which is undoubtedly the most tremendous encouragement. Decided to leave your name on the official website forever. No matter how OTER develops in the future, your name will always be there to express our tremendous respect and gratitude. 


Currently, CurBot is the first generation version, hence the name 1S. It may not be perfect now, but we will continue to iteratively update this category to make it on the road to perfection, so let us know your feedback and follow-up better ideas.

At the same time, you can share the valuable life knowledge on the website with the people you care about, and we will continue to update the content~


Remarks: We are sorry again that the delivery of CurBot has been delayed for more than half a year for various reasons. So grateful for everything you have paid for CurBot.



As of October 2022, the shipment has been completed.

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