How to Protect Single Women's Privacy with Sunlight

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With the development of society, more and more people have left their hometowns and come to a strange place, away from their relatives, and embarked on an unknown road to explore and develop. Their representative is the female group of the new era, who are more independent in life and psychology.


Many girls work hard in the field, which inevitably faces a problem. That is, living alone, it is challenging to ensure their own safety. In addition to life security issues that need attention, personal privacy issues have also become the focus of their attention. In particular, the rapid development of the Internet in recent years brings convenience and harm because there will always be criminals who use the Internet to do things that hurt others. So girls must learn to protect themselves and not allow themselves to be broken.


For this issue that everyone is concerned about, OTER will discuss how to let women living alone protect themselves today. The following content is mainly divided into two sections to elaborate on, the first is life security, and the second is personal privacy.


Life safety issues:

1. when looking for a house, you should look for a neighborhood with high security.

There are many surveillance cameras in such a community, and bad guys generally have scruples. Of course, the price of such a community is not low. If you are not wealthy financially, you must find a community with convenient transportation and a large flow of people. At the same time, it is necessary to ask whether the security measures of the community are in place. Suppose there are no problems with the security measures of the community, and people entering and leaving the community will be strictly monitored. In that case, the security on the first floor will be significantly improved.


2. raise awareness of prevention and avoid being deceived.

When moving into a rental house, check every part of the room to prevent bad-minded people from installing cameras and protect their personal privacy. The camera can see the flash in a dark environment. It can carefully check the room in total darkness, especially the bathroom and bedroom. The mirror in the bedroom also needs special attention. Touch the mirror surface with your fingers. There is no gap between the shadow in the mirror and the mobile phone. It is a double-sided mirror. If there is a gap between them, it is a single-sided mirror.


3. Use false images to bring a sense of security

You can use your phone to save some male recordings (preferably for different scenarios) and use the tapes to scare them off when you encounter strange strangers knocking on your door. When ordering takeout, you don't need to write your name directly; you can fill in "Mr. X" in the information column without revealing your gender. You can also put a few pairs of men's shoes outside the door and hang men's clothes on the balcony to create the illusion that there are other people at home. You can also put a pair of boys' shoes or clothes in the house, which can also act as a deterrent to some unscrupulous people.


4. if you encounter danger, you must learn to save yourself.

When you find yourself in danger, be sure to stay calm. When encountering trouble, you must remain calm, try to call for help in crowded places, minimize contact with people you don't know, and ensure your own safety is the most important thing. Try to outwit the gangsters and buy yourself time to run to a safe place. When you find a stranger in the room, you should see a safe place to hide and call the police as soon as you can to ensure your safety.


Personal privacy issues:

In addition to the above-mentioned superficial reasons, OTER has been thinking about a problem. The lighting area of ​​the home is the first barrier to the outside world touching the interior. There is no doubt about its importance. So how can girls use sunlight to better protect their privacy?


1. Choose smart curtains

Single women can use intelligent perception to close the curtains simultaneously when they come home from getting off work to prevent others from seeing their privacy because they forget to close the curtains. Another point to note is that the curtain cloth can be chosen with more strong shading, in addition to better protection of privacy, it can also provide you with better sleep.


2. Remote control of curtains at home

During travel, or when you are away from home for a long time, the curtains at home can be opened and closed through remote control technology, creating a sign of someone at home and preventing the home from being missed by thieves.


3. Replace the windows with frosted glass or laminated glass

Frosted glass is also called frosted glass. Frosted glass is not transparent. People outside cannot observe the indoor situation. It can be used for window glass in bathrooms and other parts that need to be concealed, which can better protect privacy. The advantage is that it can immediately block the viewer. The disadvantage is that it will block your view of the environment.


A significant advantage of laminated glass is that we can see the outside scenery from the inside. Still, we cannot see the inside from the outside, so it is a relatively good choice for our personal privacy, especially on the first floor. However, it must be noted that it cannot be applied on a large scale in the bedroom because it will block the source of solar radiation and endanger the lighting in the house. The resolution of the visual effects is reduced.


4. Add Venetian blinds to the windows

It is also a convenient way to install Venetian blinds on the windows. One of these methods can reasonably affect the outside line of sight to protect privacy, and the other can ensure the ventilation of the ordinary room. Moderate indoor ventilation is indispensable, especially in areas with heavy water vapor, such as bathrooms and restaurant kitchens, which are very prone to wet and cold. After cleaning the environment in the home, they can be different according to their home structure. Choose effective natural ventilation methods.



Lighting experience. Curtains reflect not only a family's lifestyle and quality of life but also provide us with the best possible lighting through intelligent lighting. Therefore, considering the difficulty and cost of implementation, using curtains to protect privacy is a more suitable solution for single women.


You are welcome to give more solutions in the comments below. Your suggestions may help more women protect themselves.


《This article is only for popular science and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. Please refer to it with caution. The copyright belongs to OTER. Please don't reprint for commercial purposes without authorization》

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