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How do get up healthy?

As a young generation, how do get up healthy?|OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot
  • Get up regularly

You must have heard that going to bed simultaneously every day is significant. If you just can't do it, try getting up at the same time every day. In less than 6 weeks, the actual sleep rhythm will match your circadian rhythm. "Regular is very important for setting the biological clock. important."


  • Wake you up with sunlight

If waking up is an impossible task for you, let the sun help you. Because that full-spectrum sunlight can regulate the concentration of serotonin and melatonin in the blood. When exposed to light, serotonin will speed up the body's metabolism, which will make you fall asleep earlier that night and wake up earlier the next day.


  • Sound

Have you ever found that it is easy for you to turn off the alarm clock? Music promotes oxygen in the brain. With the flow of blood, the body also wants to move. Because your brain is used to ignoring familiar sounds, you can prepare two or three alarm clocks or romantically wake you up with music.


  • Take a deep breath

After waking up, take deep breaths to get your body out of the way of the day. First, inhale slowly, as if to the top of your head, exhale all the air, stop for two seconds, and do it again. You can fill your body with fresh air in the morning, and it is easy to feel refreshed throughout the day.


  • Water

As soon as you wake up, find water to drink, and let your body know that a new day is about to start. Moreover, humans sweat about the amount of a glass of water during sleep. Drinking alcohol the night before will make your body feel like you are in a desert. Therefore, drinking water first and then going to the toilet to discharge the old waste will make the body very comfortable.


  • Fragrance

The fragrance also stimulates the brain, improves sensory function, and reduces drowsiness and fatigue. So some people make coffee early in the morning and wake up to the aroma of coffee. If you have herbs on your balcony, you can also fill the sink with water, pick a piece of mint and soak it in the water. Mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also beneficial to the skin.


  • Sweet

I always feel dizzy when I wake up in the morning because after a night of digestion, there is no nutrition in the brain at this time, and the energy source of the brain is glucose. At this time, immediately add sweet foods such as bananas and apples, which will have an immediate effect.


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