Having a Positive Attitude for a Happy Life

Having a Positive Attitude for a Happy Life

A simple life is not about being content with poverty. You can own an expensive car and still simplify your life. The key is to be honest with yourself about what you really need and what is truly important in your life. - Carlson

Having a positive attitude is necessary to experience the magnificence of life during its glorious moments, to fill oneself with warmth, to fill one's home with warmth, and to achieve a healthy life.

In order to have an ideal life, it is necessary to cultivate a positive attitude. Cultivating a positive attitude is not as difficult as one might think. The key is to understand the essence of a positive attitude: simplicity and happiness.

In real life, many people become mediocre and troubled in their pursuit of material pleasures, social status, and a prominent reputation. Today's new generation pursues fashion, novelty, style, and trends, allowing themselves to be bound by desires. In essence, this is about pursuing material pleasure and showing respect for high social status. Driven by these desires, people become like a spinning top whipped by a whip, working hard - either working hard or speculating, entertaining, rushing around, and worrying. You will find it difficult to find time to read in bed or to chat with friends, and you will be too busy to celebrate your child's birthday or to spend time with your parents.

These things make us lose the simple happiness in life and lose ourselves in a complex society.

An old man who was soon to pass away wrote this in his diary: "If I could live again, I would try more mistakes, I wouldn't strive for perfection in everything. I would prefer to rest more, go with the flow, be more confused about life, and not calculate everything that is going to happen. If possible, I would travel more, climb mountains, and even go to more dangerous places.

"In the past, I lived too carefully, every minute and every second was crucial, too clear and too aware. If everything could start again, I would go out without preparing anything, even without bringing a tissue.

"If I could start over, I would walk barefoot outside, and even stay up all night. Also, I would ride the merry-go-round more in the amusement park, watch the sunrise more, and play with the kids in the park... As long as life can start over, but I know it's impossible."

He was a true businessman, living in a treacherous business world, he had exhausted himself with all his might, and made himself exhausted. For this reason, he always found excuses to comfort himself: "The business world is like a battlefield, I am helpless, I am helpless!" It was not until the old man was dying that he realized that life did not need a lot of money, simplicity and happiness were the most precious.

Mastering the essence of a positive attitude does not mean giving up pursuit or work, but rather grasping the essence and focus of life and work, and removing the worldly glamour in a simple way.

Taylor is a priest from the suburbs of New York. One day, a patient in the parish hospital was dying, and he was asked to listen to the patient's confession before he died.

After arriving at the hospital, Taylor heard these words: "I like to sing, music is my life, and my wish is to sing throughout America. As a black person, I have fulfilled this wish, and I have nothing to confess. Now I just want to say thank you, you have allowed me to enjoy my life and feed my six children with my singing. Now my life is about to end, but I have no regrets. Kind priest, I just want you to tell my children to do what they love to do, and their father will be proud of them."

A wandering singer, who was dying, could say such words, which surprised Father Taylor because all the possessions of the black singer were just a guitar. His job was to go to a place, put his hat on the ground, and start singing. For 40 years, he infected his audience with his desolate western songs and received his deserved rewards.

Although he was not a millionaire, he never lacked happiness. He lived a simple life and had a heart that was easily satisfied.

In a speech later, Father Taylor talked about this and summed it up: "The most meaningful way of life is actually quite simple, which is to do what you love and discover a happy and abundant heart from it."

In fact, a simple and happy positive attitude is a kind of art and philosophy of life. It can make our hearts temporarily calm, reflect on ourselves, plan for ourselves, and then continue to move forward easily.

Recently, Western countries, including many Americans, are trying to live a "slow life," which embodies the essence of a positive attitude: simplicity and happiness. They are trying to leave cars, electronic products, and fashion circles, and emphasize simplifying their lives. However, they have not completely abandoned material desires, but have moved a proportion of people's attention from external materialism to their own body, spirit, and emotions, to live a life of balance, harmony, and ease. This relaxed and sunny lifestyle allows them to experience the calm and tranquility of life.

For a positive person, they can always feel a simple and happy feeling from life. This is because they move freely in life, choose and take responsibility for their lives, are unrestricted by the world, and are both passionate and meticulous. Between recklessness and seriousness, whether staying on the edge or in the mainstream, they can experience life in the wandering and moving.

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