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The benefits of sunlight on the human body

3 major benefits of sunlight on the inside of the human body|OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

On the planet we live on, all energy sources depend on the starch produced by plant photosynthesis, and plants cannot survive without sunlight. Human beings, as consumers, do not turn on sunlight. Sunlight can not only bring energy but also bring benefits to human health. Sunlight is essential to health.


Do you know all these significant benefits?


  • Promote bone growth

Some people may wonder, doesn't calcium promote bone growth? Does sunlight also have calcium? There is no calcium in daylight, but sunlight can benefit bone growth. Parents will let their children eat many high-calcium foods while they grow up. Still, only a tiny part of the calcium in these high-calcium foods will be absorbed and utilized by the body. 


Sunlight can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, encouraging calcium absorption, improving efficiency, and speeding up bone growth. Therefore, in supplementing calcium, teenagers should go outside and bathe in the sun more, and the elderly should also bask in the sun more, which can prevent osteoporosis.


  • Sterilization and disinfection

There are many microorganisms attached to the surface of our body. They feed on our skin debris or metabolites, which may harm our health. For example, when the skin has wounds, it may cause infection and aggravate the disease.


Ultraviolet light in sunlight can penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms and destroy genetic material, thereby making the bacteria lose their vitality. The hospital uses ultraviolet lamps for disinfection based on this principle. Therefore, we should do more outdoor activities, have more exposure to sunlight, and reduce the number of microorganisms on the body's surface.


However, it is worth noting that ultraviolet rays can also cause damage to human cells, induce gene mutations, and may cause skin cancer. Therefore, everyone should control the length of sun exposure and be moderate. When choosing the timing, we should also tend to spring and winter. These two seasons have suitable sunlight energy and moderate ultraviolet content, which will cause the least harm to people. Try not to choose summer, which quickly causes heat stroke and endangers health.


  • Improve immunity

More sun exposure can promote the absorption of these nutrients by the cells in the body, making the body stronger. At the same time, sunlight can stimulate the immune system, synthesize more immune cells, and enhance resistance.


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