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OTER is a team of AIoT-loving partners, so we called AIOTER.

AIOTER is the expert of sunshine life around you, a group of personality-positive, optimistic people who not only pursue health but also green.

OTER has always focused on one core area: sunshine, as opposed to technology companies involved in various locations. Because the origin of OTER is through the sun to help depressed friends out of their plight, we believe that sunlight can effectively improve people's quality of life. More importantly, sunlight and our environmental protection are closely linked.

Therefore, we hope to influence more and more people to understand the knowledge of sunlight, thus creating more outstanding value.

So how can it affect more people to use sunlight to improve their quality of life?



OTER will form a series of product combinations around controlling sunlight to create a unique intelligent sunlight system.

In the future, you can easily connect the intelligent sunlight system to different ecosystems and seamlessly enter your living and office environment, bringing healthy sunlight and air to your living space.

About CurBot, it is OTER's first curtain robot brand. It carries the brand concept of Sunshine Life. It conforms to the first principle of the intelligent curtain and integrates the product design thinking of OTER for the future artificial intelligence era. I hope it satisfies your need for sunlight control. Of course, we admit that CurBot has much to fall short of now, but please let us know all your thoughts, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

With the help of OTER in the future:

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or in a hotel, when you're in the space, the sun and air in the space will adjust to your personal preferences. You'll constantly be in control based on your actions and current state, giving you the best light and air possible and helping you live healthier lives free of environmental and disease threats.

This is our mental picture of the future, and we look forward to this day speeding up.



To help everyone better understand the overall knowledge system of sunlight, we divide the knowledge into four main sections, through which you can learn more about sunlight, arouse your attention to sunlight and guide your life better:

  • Product Knowledge:

Learn how to use the product better to control the sun's rays, including what life scenarios you will use the product in;

  • Health Knowledge: 

Understand the effects of sunlight on health, including but not limited to physical and psychological effects. Evidence comes from studies and reports on the impact of sunlight on human health. The core goal is to make everyone value the sun, and based on this, knowing how to control the sun helps you better improve your quality of life;

  • Green Knowledge: 

Knowing how sunlight can help your home save energy costs and reduce emissions will also spread knowledge about low carbon.

  • Technical knowledge: 

Learn about the digital technologies surrounding sunlight and better understand which technologies are genuinely beneficial.



The story is about the necessity of life. We all like stories, and everyone has a story with the sun.

Storyboard around the user and the sun between the story, through the sun transmission positive, optimistic attitude to life. You can share your story with the sun through the tag # OpenbyCurBot on any channel. We will periodically sift through valuable stories. That's our own story. These little, glittering stories may be yours or will happen to you. And synchronize them on our platform. You will have the opportunity to receive the Sunshine Ambassador title.

  • Brand Story: 

Explore the unique story behind OTER; understand the origins of OTER and brand values.

  • Product Stories: 

The unique story behind discovering products. Including product design story, origin story, and packaging story.

  • User Story: 

The story of discovering how sunlight can improve our quality of life.



At the same time, our users are co-creators, OTER co-creation, including but not limited to products, marketing, and other links. All users can participate in the development of the brand. We will evaluate all that can help OTER grow ideas and suggestions. We hope that the future of all OTER products and content is our joint creation "works."

Welcome to become our columnist. OTER will provide you with whole display space. We hope everyone can enjoy the power of sunshine life and use this power to create a more exciting life.

You'll see all of the above on OTER’s website. OTER believes that as time goes on, the business will return to its essence — that is, to provide consumers with what they need.

In the past, brands were actors. Users were audiences; now, users are actors, OTER is the stage.

Let us look forward to a new drama, which is being staged.

Again, special thanks to Nancy for her valuable advice on OTER growth.


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