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Origin of OTER

A glimmer of light in the darkness.

OTER's inception is a tale of light emerging from the depths of darkness. It's a story that begins with the belief that true freedom - the kind OTER cherishes - springs from a profound awareness of one's inner self, distinct from fleeting desires or societal trends. This freedom is born from an intimate understanding of life's dark moments and the suffering they entail.

Like the alchemists of old who transformed base metals into gold, OTER's foundation is built upon the integration of light and darkness, finding hope and new possibilities in the interplay of life and death.

The year 2019 marked a pivotal moment for Josh, OTER's founder. On the brink of his wedding, tragedy struck with the sudden loss of a family member. Joy turned to sorrow overnight, thrusting Josh into a maelstrom of conflicting emotions and a standstill in life. In his darkest hours, sleep eluded him, and he found solace in the solitude of dimly lit rooms.


Where does this faint light appear at night?

Firstly, you must immerse yourself in darkness, not merely avoid it.
Josh embarked on meditation practice where the human mind devises a myriad of excuses to evade the dark night, all while solutions to alleviate pain are abundant. Meditation provided Josh with an opportunity to embrace this pain, to experience a bareness of "being" and existence when everything can be obliterated, all tangible things eventually wilt, what remains is the true, enduring?

Life presents these ultimate existential questions intermittently, and the answers are seldom found on concepts; they lie in every momentary thought, emotion, sensation, gesture, tear. Just like harmonies emerge from silence, she is accompanied by darkness, thus during a meditation session, Josh experienced the warmth of sunlight that bathed his face abruptly, the moist air at his nose, and his inner space gradually unraveled with every breath, exuding a high degree of relaxation and lightness in heart and body, marking this as a "eureka!" moment for Josh. Similarly, the alchemist finally refined gold from black iron, demonstrating that healing occurs when life returns to its simplest form, just through introspective sensory awareness.

This led Josh to ponder whether a concentration on physical and mental health was the universal need of today's society that aims to bring tranquility and joy inside and if a brand's most basic values were to enhance personal growth and wellness, then what could serve as their vehicle.


An international tech brand featuring personal well-being

Born into a family of engineers, technology and science seemed inherent in Josh's lineage. His technical background made him realize that in the consumer technology sector, everyone was fixated on the creation and iteration of technology, few pondering where technology's advancement ultimately leads in consumer areas. Beyond novel experiences and enhanced efficiency, technology's progression ought to be directed towards more universal human sentiment care. As for products, the purchase is just the beginning, technology should realize how to impart lasting humanistic concern and value through usage. This is exactly what OTER strives to accomplish as Josh's distinctive life experience has helped him seamlessly integrate these two elements into OTER's products, enabling both rational technology and human warmth, mutually complementing each other.


All Emerges from Emptiness

In the wisdom of ancient China, the concept of "emptiness" refers not only to the external environment but also to the inner space. The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, often misunderstood as mere superstition, is in fact a profound embodiment of this Eastern philosophy. It suggests that our external surroundings can significantly impact our internal state - both physical and mental, thus influencing our 'fortune'. By adjusting the tangible aspects of our home, we can alter the 'Qi' - the flowing, intangible yet omnipresent energy. Feng Shui, symbolized by 'wind' and 'water', aids in perceiving and harnessing this invisible energy within our living spaces.

At OTER, we interpret this intangible 'Qi' more tangibly through light, sound, and scent, each corresponding to human senses: sight, hearing, and smell. Our entire nervous system is constantly regulated by these senses, a profound insight Josh realized during his meditation. True healing occurs within the subtle, acute sensations of these senses, leading to the true 'present' moment and establishing the authentic 'self'. It's the birth and flow of these sensations that define the impermanence of existence.

Wisdom, distinct from knowledge, can only be attained through the power of sensing all things in life.

This principle, "All Emerges from Emptiness", implies that it's these intangible aspects within a space that shape our mental and physical states, which in turn create our tangible material world.

We've heard many lofty ideals about the concept of 'home', but OTER knows that in the authenticity of home, all that is superficial falls away, revealing the true needs of individuals. Only products that return to the core essence of 'home', catering to genuine human needs, will endure and thrive.

Safety, release, healing - all these home-related sensations are built upon the soul, accessible through our senses. The combined realms of scent, sound, and light form a sanctuary of 'home', signaling to our brains the moment we step in that we are in a 'safe' space. This signal allows us to enter a low-energy state, relaxing our tense bodies and stabilizing our hormonal levels, leading to feelings of peace and comfort.


Automatic curtain opener

CurBot, OTER’s primary core product, is more than just a smart curtain robot. Designed to be your intelligent curtain manager, CurBot schedules the opening and closing of curtains to create a tranquil and natural sleep environment.

In the morning, CurBot gently opens the curtains while SoulBot plays natural sounds like birdsong or flowing water. At this moment, you will also be greeted with the refreshing scent of lemon. At night, CurBot slowly closes the curtains, effectively blocking external light. Meanwhile, SoulBot plays OTER’s unique meditation audios, filling the air with the aroma of lavender. This sequence creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, ushering you into sweet dreams.


Sleep Fragrance

Another core product from OTER is Aurabot, a smart emotional fragrance device. Aurabot brings scents like lemon and lavender to your sleep space, modulating mood and creating a more tranquil atmosphere. Whether it's boosting vitality in the morning or immersing in a peaceful sleep environment at night, Aurabot is your companion in emotional well-being.


Meditation Bluetooth Speaker

SoulBot is another star in OTER’s product ecosystem. It’s an invisible speaker that offers a unique audio experience. Playing OTER’s exclusive audios, from natural sounds to meditation tracks, SoulBot adds to the tranquility of your sleep and rest. Without the need for a visible speaker, you can enjoy clear and captivating sounds.

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