SoulBot® | Customizable Artistic Speaker™

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🟨 Super slim body at 3.6CM, with a lightweight texture
🟥 No setup necessary, simply plug and play  
🟦 Sleek, solid color design with minimalist art
🟧 Instantly connect via Bluetooth5.0
🟩 Contact customer service to customize your exclusive speaker
Color: Briandy red

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Surprising gift

I received SoulBot as a gift, and it's been the best present ever. It's not just a gadget; it's a companion that helps me relax, unwind, and recharge every night. I'm grateful for the gift of better sleep. 🎁💤

Help me sleep deeper

SoulBot has become my secret weapon for overcoming insomnia. Its calming melodies and white noise options work like a charm. Now, I fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep throughout the night. 🌙

Such a hidden speaker

I've tried many sleep sound machines, but SoulBot stands out for its design and performance. It not only enhances my sleep environment but also adds a touch of elegance to my bedroom decor. A beautiful blend of form and function. 🌃🌟

That‘s cooooooool team...amazing!

i loving this speaker! Josh shared with me what they are creating as a podcast! It’s going to be so much fun! I’m looking forward to hearing oter’s voice!


Bluetooth speakers designed for meditation

Bluetooth Connection

With Bluetooth pairing, you effortlessly connect with gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptops, for wireless audio fun. No messy wires, just hook up and jam to your tunes.

SoulBot Bluetooth Speaker: Art meets music, pretty neat!
If art and music blend flawlessly to create a speaker, it's SoulBot Bluetooth Speaker. 
SoulBot Bluetooth speaker, it's a painting of sound, a muse for art, and a window to your soul.

SoulBot wake you up to birdsong in the morning, no alarms.

Good Morning

SoulBot's Playlist

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Flame soundFlame Sounds while camping

Flame Sounds while camping

May you be showered in love , peace and healing light, good night.

SleepRelaxing Water Sounds: The Ultimate Sleep Aid

Relaxing Water Sounds: The Ultimate Sleep Aid

May you be showered in love , peace and healing light, good night.

bird soundBird Calls: Nature's Melody for Deep Sleep

Bird Calls: Nature's Melody for Deep Sleep

Fall Asleep With Birds Sound At Night

SoulBot's here to help you sleep through the thunderstorm.

Good Night

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25 core driver


460X335X36 mm