Why CurBot Need to Facing Indoors?

Why CurBot is facing indoors? |OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot
Installation location:
Please place the CurBot on the curtain facing the room, between the first hook and the second hook, as shown in the picture.



1. Convenient and fastest installation: no need to remove the curtain cloth or wrap it behind the curtain for installation;
2. Avoid risks: avoid excessive sunlight outside, which will increase the temperature of the battery;
3. Privacy protection: The light sensor senses that the indoor lights are on, and the curtains can be automatically closed to protect privacy;
4. Avoid forgetting: When you travel or move a house, you can directly see the CurBot and carry it with you to avoid forgetting;
5. Surprise: More functions will be added based on the scene in the future.
We want to make CurBot not only the switch that controls your curtains but also will the most fantastic combination of curtains.

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