How to eliminate "bad mood" in one minute

How to eliminate "bad mood" in one minute
Experts who study longevity point out that among all the adverse factors, there is nothing worse than bad moods, such as worry, depression, fear, greed, cowardice, jealousy, and hatred. Scientists classify people's emotions into two categories: one is pleasant emotions (e.g., joy, etc.); The other is unpleasant emotions (such as sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, etc.).
So, how can we get rid of unpleasant emotions as soon as possible? The wisest way to vent when it is time is not to restrain it, let it vent for a few minutes, but set the boundaries of self-indulgence. When there is no one around you, you cry a few times, slap the tables and chairs, stamp your feet, and improve your mood.
  • Confide in others
When you share, many people will feel that; When you talk about the pain, the pain will be relieved. Therefore, when your bad mood comes to your mind, you might as well take a deep breath, stretch, and then make a phone call to chat casually, and your bad mood will be resolved unconsciously.
  • "Pretend" to be in a good mood
The study found that if a person always imagines himself entering a particular situation and feeling a specific emotion, this emotion will come in nine out of ten cases. Pretending to be in a good mood will let your lousy mood slip away without your knowing it. When a person is depressed, he can recall more happy times and smile at himself. He should think as much as possible. Reading aloud will also help, but you should have an expression when reading and choose uplifting books rather than depressing ones.
  • Quickly enter the work role
When you are unhappy, you might as well quickly enter the work role to forget your troubles. If you can't put yourself to work, go and help your colleagues. Your problems will soon be washed away by your hurry.
  • Take direct action
It may take a few days to worry about something, but only a few minutes to take action to solve it. For example, you will be upset if you are late to receive notice after a job interview. Don't bother yourself. Call the HR supervisor who interviewed you immediately. Your nervousness will always end as a blessing or a curse.
  • Divert your attention and stay out of the way for a while
When you are worried about something, you'd better make yourself forget it temporarily, divert your attention, or put down everything in hand temporarily to relieve your tense mood. If you can spend some, take a walk in the park or woods, and enjoy the quiet of forests, streams, or ponds. Or, you can easily enjoy the morning shower, let the water flow through your cheeks, slip through your body, and dispel all the boredom, as if you have regained.
  • Listen to music

Music is the balcony of the soul. Much data show that music can affect people's emotions. Relaxed and cheerful music can always take us to our hometown. No matter how bad your mood is, listen to your music, and you will feel your happy heartbeat. Of course, when you sing loudly, your mood will become better.

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#Share the sunshine life  Hope this article can help you or your friends.

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