OTER - Creating an Ultimate Sleep Space

OTER - Creating an Ultimate Sleep Space

In the noisy world of modern life, good sleep quality is becoming increasingly precious. OTER advocates not only sleep but a lifestyle, the core of which is creating a healthy and peaceful sleep environment for everyone.

Shenzhen, 2023 - Below is a conversation with founder Josh, revealing the core philosophy, mission, and product ecology of OTER.

When did you feel like you should start your own business?

Founder Josh may have been looking for an opportunity to improve people's lives, but ultimately he was inspired to start his own business when he solved his own sleep problems through meditation. His sleep problem may have been the starting point of a personal experience, but it may also have been the catalyst for him to start paying attention to health and quality of life.

Why do you want to start a business, or what is the initial intention of starting a business?

Josh's initial intention is to share his methodology and technology with others, which shows his aspiration to share methods to improve quality of life rather than just seeking commercial success.

Why is the brand name OTER?

OTER is a meaningful brand name that covers multiple layers of meaning. First, our product technology relies on IoT, and ER represents a group of people, so they are OTER. The second layer of meaning is emphasizing integrating technology into everyone's life, not just for bragging rights. This explanation helps to better understand the behind-the-scenes meaning of the brand.

What is the mission of your brand?

To help everyone's body and mind become healthier, which is an inspiring mission. This means that the brand is committed to providing products and services that improve quality of life, and work together with users to pursue health and well-being.

CurBot - The Intelligent Butler of Curtains

CurBot is the core product, an intelligent curtain robot, which is not just a simple curtain controller. CurBot is designed to be the intelligent butler of your curtains, timing the opening and closing of curtains to create a peaceful and natural sleep environment.
In the morning, CurBot will gently open the curtains, while SoulBot plays simulated natural sounds, such as bird songs or the sound of flowing water. At this time, you will also feel the freshness of lemon fragrance.
At night, CurBot will slowly close the curtains, effectively isolating the external light source. Meanwhile, SoulBot plays unique meditation audio, and the air is filled with the fragrance of lavender. This series of operations creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, helping you to enter a sweet dream state.

AuraBot - The Nourishment of Good Mood

Another core product of OTER is AuraBot, an intelligent emotional fragrance device. Aurabot can bring lemon, lavender, and other fragrances to your sleep space, adjust mood, and create a more peaceful atmosphere. Whether it is to enhance morning vitality or immerse in a peaceful sleep atmosphere at night, Aurabot is a companion for your emotions.

SoulBot - The Art of Sound

SoulBot is another superstar in the OTER product ecology. It is an invisible speaker providing users with a unique sound experience. SoulBot plays OTER's exclusive audio, ranging from natural sounds to meditation audio, offering a more peaceful feeling for your sleep and rest. Without a visible speaker, you only need to enjoy clear and captivating sound.

The Mission of Healthy Sleep

OTER's mission is not only to provide innovative products but to help everyone's body and mind become healthier through them. We believe that deep and peaceful sleep is the key to maintaining a healthy life, and CurBot, AuraBot, and SoulBot are the tools we use to deliver this mission.

Inspiration from personal experience

Josh's interest in the field of physical and mental health stems from a profound and deeply saddening experience. Shortly before his wedding, he suddenly lost a loved one to a heart attack. This irreversible loss made him acutely aware of the importance of health. It also motivated him to dedicate himself to bringing health and restful sleep to others, so that more people can avoid similar pain.

Entrepreneurship, because we believe

To Josh, entrepreneurship is about realizing one's dreams and providing an opportunity to assist those who suffer from depression, helping them find ways to release themselves. This is the philosophy that OTER adheres to on its entrepreneurial journey - to innovate and provide products that improve people's quality of life, especially in the area of sleep. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy deep and restful sleep, and OTER is committed to achieving this goal.

Join OTER for a better sleep life

OTER aims to provide everyone with an exceptional sleep experience by creating a quiet, calm, and healthy sleep environment through the CurBot smart curtain robot, the Aurabot mood fragrance, and the SoulBot hidden speaker. We believe that deep sleep can change lives, and OTER will accompany you on this wonderful journey of sleep. Join us now and embrace a better sleep life.

For more information about OTER, please visit our official website.

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