The Birth Story of CurBot (2): Collision

The Birth Story of CurBot (2): Collision |OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

CurBot is very different from other products.

It is a way of first developing the design concept and then seeking solutions from the technical side, which is precisely the opposite of the general product development concept of developing technology and then discussing the design.

This is because we value the power of design. After all, it is our pursuit to create objects full of life and inspiration.


Vitality Design:

The existence of ears directly affects whether CurBot can complete the anthropomorphic design. Therefore, the anthropomorphic ear shape is not a multiple-choice question for us but a must.

The difficulty is improving the fit of the ear so that it can be compatible with the ever-changing track size. At the same time, the user experience is enhanced without affecting the appearance.

Since this solution is the first of its kind in the industry, there are no examples to refer to. Ongoing trial and error and polishing have become commonplace to ensure the unity of functionality and appearance.


User experience is what we care about the most. Therefore, to maximize the portability and compatibility of CurBot, users only need to buy one package to have the hooks for I rail, U rail, and Roman rod, which are compatible with 80-90% of the curtain rails on the market.

The most significant advantage is that it is convenient for users to enjoy the sunshine experience anytime, anywhere, without worrying about compatibility issues when traveling or changing houses.

Of course, we will not ignore the incompatibility. Don't worry; we have provided a particular caliper and size table for user feedback. We will update the hook that suits you according to the data.


To solve the critical ear problem, the concept of the living body took shape. Then we fell into another significant difficulty, that is, how to combine CurBot with sunlight.


Charisma of sunlight:

"I'm almost dreaming about the sun right now," Simon said with a smile.

In the process of design inspiration, new ideas and new creative product prototypes are constantly being overturned in the discussion.

Since we know the meaning of CurBot, the standard is exceptionally high. Even later, the evaluation standard is more inclined to Irrational, but the middle is still not lowered.

Countless brainstorms and countless prototype designs, but each method will destroy the harmony of the original life. No one expected that the journey to the sun would be so difficult.

"If CurBot doesn't combine with sunlight, he's half the meaning," Josh.

There may be God's will in the dark, and the time has come to June, and the project design draft is still in a deadlock stage. When Simon, still clueless, got up, the sun shone through the small gap between the curtains. At this time, he found that the light just formed a perfect angle with the room's wooden floor.

Looking at this angle, he was suddenly inspired. Surged up.



Following this inspiration, CurBot's design scheme is also completed in one go. After the sun angle is integrated with the humanized big ears on the side, it achieves the unity of design.

It makes it more convenient for users to hold when placing and carrying the CurBot. At the same time, the interface is simply integrated with the fuselage, considering the unity of style and beauty.


We know this is the CurBot we want - a lifeform that fuses sunlight, final draft number: 0228.

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