The Birth Story of CurBot (1): Structure

The Birth Story of CurBot -Curtain Robot: Structure |OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

After seeing that the world is full of cookie-cutter product designs and dull colors, we are thinking about a question: what should products in the future artificial intelligence era look like?

For this question, a thousand people have a thousand Hamlets. Everyone's answer may be different.

Our answer is: In the era of artificial intelligence, electronic products should not be able to be used like the previous generation of products. We need to integrate this intelligence into the product so that the product no longer looks like an electronic product. Still, It is to become an object with the vitality and charisma that makes it unique.



What is the best interpretation of vitality? There is no doubt that the answer is people because anthropomorphic products allow users to understand their uniqueness and personality the moment they see and touch the product.


Therefore, making CurBot anthropomorphic has become the direction of our design. The problem is how to make CurBot have anthropomorphic facial features and perfectly integrate the shape of the head, ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and curtain robot.



Product design is not only a matter of aesthetics, but more importantly for us, it assumes the role of a bridge between us and the outside world and conveys our values.

The second main line of our design. This undoubtedly reminds us of our original intention, which is to influence more and more people to become experts in sunshine life, thereby improving their lives. Therefore, sunshine has undoubtedly become our core element.


We believe that CurBot, with its vitality and charisma, has a unique personality that makes people feel different and creates a solid emotional connection.

The idea is determined, and we confidently start the journey of exploring the answer.

Still, we did not expect that the process would be so long...

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