How Can Different Brands of Products Be Controlled through "matter"?

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With the launch of Matter, it will become the "universal language" for most smart home devices, old and new. Users can buy any smart home device they want and connect it to any app they like. You can choose a voice assistant to control it or use multiple apps at home to control the device.


The advancement of Matter means more affordable smart home devices, a more straightforward setup process, and a better way for these devices to work together. It is worth noting that all the giants in the field of smart home technology are involved, and the future will be a more open ecosystem. For example, if you're sick of Alexa and want to switch to Apple's HomePod Mini to control smart home devices in your home, you don't need to buy a new one. The interoperability and compatibility of the Matter system can meet this need.


Then someone is curious, how do different equipment brands authenticate each other through Matter?


Then I have to mention the core function of Matter - The multi-Admin function. Multi-admin capabilities allow device manufacturers to build once and deploy anywhere without requiring compatibility or connectivity of other devices with the legacy ecosystem. The specific process is as follows:


The figure shows how the two ecosystems are connected under the Matter protocol. Mobile phones, lamps, and switches belong to an ecosystem. Through the Matter protocol, smart speakers can be connected to the ecosystem to realize the use of smart speakers to control lamps.

First, each Matter node has its own node operation certificate NOC (Node Operational Certificate), which adopts the X.509 format standard and contains a unique node identifier node id. When a Matter node is in multiple different ecosystems at the same time, the product of the node will have various NOC certificates and ids. As shown in the figure above, the lamp has two node ids simultaneously, which means that it can be used by two ecosystems. Products in the system are controlled. Different products can be added to multiple ecosystems through the authentication and network distribution of Commissioner (a mobile APP that can configure devices). At the same time, through a distribution network, the product will always have the NOC certificate, which means that it can be controlled in the ecosystem for a long time, which brings great convenience to the user's operation.
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