3 Core Features of “Matter”

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Why has Matter become an agreement that many significant manufacturers want to join? This starts with several features of Matter.


1. Inclusiveness allows Matter to accommodate multiple communication technologies
With Matter, various indoor wireless communication technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.) can be interconnected in the upper layer protocol of Matter in the past. We will see a series of harmonious scenes such as Zigbee mid-screen can control Bluetooth products. . In the future, manufacturers can also reduce the research and development of various communication technologies and choose a path that suits them. But don't think Matter will replace other platforms. Instead, it provides ecosystem platforms and device manufacturers with a new common language to enable device-to-device conversations in local networks. With this kind of inclusivity, the envisioned IoT world is possible.


2. High security is the guarantee for the successful launch of Matter
The premise of the Matter standard is that smart home devices from different manufacturers, using other protocols, and choosing diverse ecosystems can easily cooperate, which is a considerable challenge. With many devices connected, the data can become very complicated. However, Matter has introduced several optimizations into its architecture to improve security, such as each device joining the network being authenticated, each message is encrypted and authenticated, using proven standard encryption algorithms, and secure wireless ( Over-the-air) updates, etc. These optimization methods make intelligent devices connected to the Matter protocol extremely safe.


3. Local deployment reduces the impact of the network on intelligent products
With the Matter protocol, intelligent products can run locally. Even if the network is disconnected, the smart device can still work usually, which improves the user's experience of using the smart home. Not only that, the locally deployed Matter can further reduce the latency of cloud computing and enhance data security.

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