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How to check if my curtain track is suitable for CurBot ?

CurBot ROD automation curtain

There are five common types of curtain tracks: I-rail, U-rail, Rod, Bendable rail, and extendable rod.

Currently CurBot can be used for I-rail, U-rail and Rod, but only for the following sizes of rail.


There are currently only 1 size of CurBot's three hooks, because we can only produce the more popular sizes in the US and China first.
We look forward to all CurBot users giving us feedback on your curtain size, or someone who like CurBot.
When we have accumulated enough data, we will develop hooks of more sizes to match the needs of more users.

If you already have CurBot:
First, please take out the caliper in the package and measure the size of the curtain track.

If you don't have CurBot yet, but want to know if CurBot is suitable for your curtain track:
Please prepare a caliper to measure the rail size.

Filling in the measured data on the following card and send it to us by email. You can also  follow @oter-group on FACBOOK and INS, and we will give you professional advice after checking the data.


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