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Do You Want Your Brain to Calm Down?

Do you want your brain to calm down? |OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

Some secret in your brain. We all know that dopamine makes people happy, adrenaline makes people excited and angry, and norepinephrine makes people feel scared and stressed.


But we don't know that these are all excitatory brain substances. In contrast, serotonin can inhibit the excess secretion of the substances mentioned above in the brain to balance the substances in the brain. When the secretion of serotonin is strong and its activity is relatively strong, people's mood is very calm, and they enter a state of so-called "normal heart."


And when you're low on serotonin, you're in a state of being "disturbed," "fidget," and "no way to calm down." How do they increase serotonin activity? There are three keys:


  • Get up early

Because the period of serotonin secretion is mainly concentrated in the morning, the morning is the most vigorous.


  • Sunbathe

Serotonin is only synthesized when it is stimulated. Sunlight stimulation is transmitted from the retina to the "suture nucleus" in our brain, and serotonin begins to be synthesized.


  • Regular exercise

The exercise here does not necessarily have to run for a few kilometers; even elementary activities can be as long as the regularity and rhythm are maintained.

Such as chewing, chewing when eating, and chewing gum. Take a deep breath, exhale in short, continuous breaths, and inhale deeply. As long as constant deep breathing for 1-2 minutes, you can achieve the effect. Go out for a walk. As long as you walk for 5 minutes, you can have an impact.


Combining the above methods, I generally:

◆ Wake up around 6:00-6:30 in the morning to seize the critical time for serotonin secretion.

◆ Then go for a run outside in the park so that you can exercise and receive sunlight simultaneously.

◆ If conditions permit at noon, I will go out to eat lunch, sunbathe and take a walk along the way.

◆ When you are in a bad mood, use deep breathing or meditation to change your attitude.


《This article is only for popular science and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. Please refer to it with caution. The copyright belongs to OTER. Please don't reprint for commercial purposes without authorization》

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