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The sun is essential for life. Without it, life would be impossible on our planet. However, though the sun provides the life-giving energy necessary to grow crops and for livable climates, it can also cause damage. Most, if not all of us, have experienced the annoyance or agonizing pain of a sunburn. Just like our skin, items within our home can suffer from too much sun exposure.
Today on the blog of sunshine life, we explore the damage that the sun can inflict on our home and how solar shades can help protect your home in the future.
3 Ways Your Home Can Be Damaged By The Sun

The sun’s rays are made up of solar heat, UV rays, visible light, and other particles. Each part causes damage in varying proportions:

  • Solar heat - 25%
  • UV rays - 40%
  • Visible light - 25%
  • Other - 10%

These parts of the sun’s rays can cause damage to various parts of our homes in these ways.

If you’ve ever wondered why your blue couch looks a little purple in areas, or why the wood in your sunroom is lighter than the rest in your home, the sun is most likely the cause. Though much of your home is protected from the sun, windows still can let in damaging sunlight. It isn’t just your fabric upholstery and wood finishings that can fade. Artwork and other valuable items can deteriorate over time as well.

Items can also begin to crack due to the damaging effects of the sun. Leather, paint, and other items are some of the most susceptible to this kind of damage. Often fading can be a precursory sign that cracking and other damage may occur if items continue to receive the same amount of sunlight.
General Deterioration

Other items that are the most susceptible to sun damage in your home include wallpaper, photos, and other furnishings. If photos don’t seem quite as vibrant or other furnishings seem to be losing their luster, then it might be due to prolonged exposure to the sun.
How To Stop Sun Damage To Your Home Furniture

You can sense the indoor temperature through your mobile phone or sensor. If the temperature rises, the sun is shining on your furniture. At this time, you can close the curtains manually or automatically, which is the fastest way to prevent the furniture from being exposed to the sun.

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