Embracing the Power of Sunshine: A Journey to Overcome Depression

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Introduction: In the winter of 2019, the lives of Peggy, a close friend of the founder Josh and his wife Joy, took a dark turn as she battled with depression. Hindered by societal prejudice and a lack of understanding, Peggy's condition worsened. Determined to help her break free from the abyss, Josh and Joy embarked on a quest to explore the healing power of sunlight. This led to the birth of OTER, a platform aimed at spreading the knowledge of sunshine living and empowering individuals to embrace a healthier and happier life. This article pays tribute to Peggy and all those who still wander in the depths of depression.

A Glimpse into Peggy's Radiant Life: When I first met Peggy at a friend's dinner in the summer of 2016, her vibrant personality was evident. She exuded curiosity, zest for life, and a deep love for her family. After every gathering, she would eagerly rush back home, even if it meant carpooling until 1 am. Peggy cherished life's simple joys, such as dressing up, shopping, listening to music, and watching movies. Her interests represented the modern woman of our era. She had a fulfilling job in a media company, doing what she loved.

The Unforeseen Winter: Everything changed dramatically in the winter of 2019 when the pandemic struck, leaving Peggy and her boyfriend separated and unable to see each other. During this period of isolation, Peggy inadvertently discovered through chat software that her boyfriend was secretly going on dates with another girl. This revelation shattered her confidence, reducing years of hard work to ashes. It was the darkest moment of her life, altering her personality and interests.

A Descent into the Abyss: Seeking solace in her parents, Peggy bravely shared her pain, expecting support and understanding. However, her parents, unfamiliar with depression, attributed her struggles to a lack of willpower. Feeling trapped and hopeless, Peggy withdrew from her family and retreated to a dark room, isolating herself from the world. Her eyes reflected profound sadness, and communication became arduous.

The Road to Recovery: Traditional methods of comfort failed to make a difference in Peggy's life. Determined to help her, a small group of friends, including myself, decided to assist her in finding light amid the darkness. Aware of her proud nature, we limited her exposure to only a few trusted individuals, including a doctor. After thorough research, we embarked on a journey centered around sun therapy, immersing Peggy in sunlight as much as possible throughout the day.

A New Dawn Emerges: From the moment she woke up, Peggy was greeted by bright light wherever she went. We encouraged her to spend 1-2 hours outdoors daily, engaging in walks and activities that embraced the sun's warmth. Accompanied by us, she gradually established a healthy and regular routine. With time, the symptoms of depression began to fade, and her vibrant personality returned. Weeks later, Peggy radiated energy and embraced life with newfound vigor.

Spreading the Knowledge of Sunshine Life: Witnessing the incredible impact of sunlight on Peggy's journey to recovery, we recognized the immense power of sunshine. Depression, a formidable foe that afflicts over 300 million people worldwide, should not be stigmatized or misunderstood. It is crucial to create awareness, respect, and understanding for those battling mental health issues. Thus, the creation of OTER was driven by our desire to inspire others to become experts in sunshine living, fostering a society that embraces mental well-being.

Conclusion: Depression is a prevalent and often misunderstood condition that affects countless individuals. By dedicating ourselves to understanding, supporting, and spreading the knowledge of sunshine life, we hope to create a world where.

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