How to ease anxiety when staying at home?

How to ease anxiety when staying at home?
Living in this era, we are rich in materials, developed in information, and convenient in transportation. We should be happy; However, too many people often fall into anxiety, irritability, depression, difficulty focusing, and other problems. Because of the new coronal epidemic, most of us have to reduce social interaction, many people can not even reunite with their relatives, and more people stay at home for a long time.
We have a habit of doing things that we often do, ordinary things and things that are arranged according to time. We live a safe, comfortable, and happy life. But after most rules are broken, especially when they significantly impact our work, life, feelings, and learning, there will always be various emotions, including anxiety, fear, and worry about uncertainty.
In such a tense situation, how to alleviate our anxiety is a problem many people are concerned about. Therefore, OTER would like to introduce the following ways to relieve stress, hoping to help you get happiness from everyday things.
  • Keep smiling every day
Everyone needs to show their happy expression, even when there is only one person. Darwin has a theory called facial muscle feedback, which sends sensory information to the brain from muscles and organs participating in the reaction. This feedback information constitutes our feelings of emotion. So smile at the mirror every day, smile at friends every day, smile at nature every day, and your mood will be improved.
  • Keep communication open
Man is a creature that can speak, a creature that loves to talk, and a creature that likes to talk. This is the difference between animals and us. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the habit of communication. Under such large-scale social isolation, how can we retain long-distance relationships?
We need to talk. We must make an active appointments with friends and communicate with relatives. Every day, couples spend half an hour talking about trivial things. Don't talk about things that annoy you in life. When to pay the bills, when to pay the loans, and how the student's exam results are. What matters is our mood, feelings, pleasant experience, and sharing good experiences, So it is essential to keep communication.
We can open our hearts to all kinds of happy and positive experiences. This kind of thinking also includes sharing our unhappy and unpleasant experiences with others, talking to others when we are in a bad mood, and talking to experts when we feel hurt. Psychological counseling is a way of heart-to-heart talk; this method does not necessarily have to find experts. Friends and relatives can also share. At the same time, you should also admit that you need help. Don't hold things in your heart. You can talk to others, learn to relax, find your advantages, and let yourself live with confidence. The key is to learn to take the first step actively.
  • Do some home sports
People need to move. Of course, the current isolation is not suitable for us to go outside. We do yoga and Pilates at home. Even you will find that doing a little housework, cleaning the room, changing clothes, and taking a bath will change your mood. So people can't lie there and stay there. People should move. It is an excellent way to be joyful.
  • Feel comfortable sunshine
Comfortable sunshine can effectively keep your body healthy and improve your mood. Therefore, sunlight at the right time will reduce anxiety and help you enjoy life better. You can learn from the articles shared by OTER when it is the right time to bask in the sun. Many people have their own sunshine room, and they will leave a comfortable space to relax in the sunshine room and enjoy the fun of life.
  • Learn to feel the details in life

It is found in psychology that human visual organs include visual chiasma in addition to the eyes. More importantly, the brain's prefrontal lobe is where the heart eye is located. The heart eye is in this place, just in the brain's prefrontal lobe. You can find out at home if there are any details that you haven't noticed. You can see your relatives and find out the small details you haven't noticed. Finding pieces to make yourself happy and positive is also an essential skill and method.
For example, we can customize an art painting to hang on the bedside, giving people a warm and romantic feeling and making our lives happier. Some simple things in the home, such as putting a nail on the door and cleaning a piece of glass, will inject vitality into the house and make people feel closer to home. We should learn to often create some beautiful things for ourselves so that our feelings can be soothed.
I hope you wake up every day in the sunshine and will not affect your mood because of the words, expressions, and actions of others. Live a good life, and something good will happen. I wish everyone a happy and beautiful life in the changing world.


“ This article is only for popular science and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. Please refer to it with caution. The copyright belongs to OTER, and you are welcome to share it with those in need. #sunshinelife

#Share the sunshine life  Hope this article can help you or your friends.

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