Why Do I Always Have Insomnia

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How Important Is Sleep?

Sleep is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. During sleep, the body's organs recover, and the brain's memory cells


metabolize. Therefore, lack of sleep and the body's overall health has a significant impact.


In daily life, there are often insomniacs, such as the elderly. Older people have lower body functions and suffer from chronic diseases such as insomnia.


However, now many young people have the problem of insufficient sleep. In the end, what happened? Below, we will give you a detailed explanation.


Why do young people sleep poorly today?

Young people rarely have any chronic diseases, such as vascular problems. Physical fitness is also excellent. It can be said that at this time, poor sleep quality and physical fitness have nothing to do with it.


The main reasons for this are teenagers' psychological pressure and excessive mental work. Young people's life, work, feelings, and other aspects of the strain are extensive, long-term tense states, leading to autonomic nerve regulation dysfunction and a decline in sleep quality.


In addition, adolescents sleep poorly, mainly due to destructive behaviors, such as working long hours. If overwork and physical work too little, it will lead to the body's metabolism slowing down, leading to reduced central regulation function, resulting in insomnia and sleep quality is poor.


In addition, teenagers sleep when lousy behavior also can significantly impact sleep. Therefore, to avoid insomnia, one must change bad habits before bed. Next, OTER will describe some of the most common bad habits.


I. Excessive use of the brain before sleep

Today's young people, at bedtime, will play mobile phones, play games, go to work before going to bed, and read. In the process of doing these things, the human brain will be in a state of excitement, and tension, and excitement, leads to brain fatigue and insomnia.


Therefore, before sleeping, never overuse the brain. You cannot use electronic equipment, work, or read for an hour before bed. Can listen to some soothing music, promote sleep.


II. Intense exercise before bedtime

Do some low-intensity exercise two hours before going to bed. There is no impact on sleep, but also a certain amount of help sleep.


But before falling asleep, doing a lot of exercises will make the brain's central nervous system excited, thus affecting sleep. So try to avoid strenuous activity for two hours before bedtime.


III. Overeating Before Going to Bed

Before going to bed, having a snack is something many young people do. If you overeat before sleep, there will be a strong sense of fullness, affecting rest;


In addition, when eating, intestinal blood will increase, and the flow of blood to the heart and brain will be reduced, resulting in insomnia.


Do not eat or drink too much water within two hours of bedtime.



In short, now young people's sleep quality is terrible, not only because of too much pressure, physical strength is not good enough, but there may be bad habits before bed.


Therefore, for a young person to get good sleep, you must pay attention to the following three points. In addition, they pay attention to adjusting their sleep state and controlling their sleep.


Go to bed before 11 pm, so you have a regular body clock, which improves your sleep quality.

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