How can the sun make your mood better?


How long has it been since you really felt the sun?


According to statistics, modern people spend 90% of their time at home. This means that we are in the office every day and rarely get a chance to bask in the sun; at night, we go home and spend long nights in bright lights. On the one hand, we are distanced from the light of nature; on the other, our lives are filled with artificial lighting. A recent study showed that people who do not have access to natural light in their daily lives are prone to insomnia and disturbances in their biological clocks.


This way of life is closely related to insomnia, disturbance of the biological clock, vitamin D deficiency, and damage to the human body and spirit. In fact, as long as we add some natural sunlight to our daily life, it can bring us many benefits, such as improved sleep quality, happy mood, and shortened recovery time from diseases. So, let's go sunbathing together!


Does sunbathing make you feel better?

1. The human body undergoes a series of physiological reactions under sunlight. For example, infrared light can dilate capillaries and increase blood flow.


2. Promote the secretion of epinephrine, thyroxine and gonadotropin. Adrenaline and thyroxine are hormones that stimulate the body's cells to work. As the content decreases, the overall function of the body will also be inhibited.


3. Promote the production of vitamin D. 90% of vitamin D is synthesized by solar radiation. Studies have shown that people with high levels of vitamin D are five years younger than those with low levels and have a reduced risk of developing diseases of old age.


What if there is no sun?

Researcher Peterson used to live in a windowless basement in Copenhagen, Denmark. Such a life, he admits, is hard. "Even with the lights, I don't feel the time during the day!" Peterson said, which made him grumpy and depressed, "If we live in artificially lit places, it will feel life Something was missing." I don't know how, but it must be emotional, physical, spiritual. "


In fact, most modern people are like this. The invention of the electric light revolutionized our connection to light. According to statistics, modern people spend 90% of their time at home. Before the nineteenth century, the only artificial lighting equipment was firewood, candles and candles made of blubber. To get light, one has to do a lot of outdoor exercise. One thing we have to think about is the connection between natural light and the body.


Wake up to the sun in the morning and bring you a day of health and happiness


Several studies have shown that more sun exposure is not only good for the human body, but it can also help people get a good mood and help with depression.


Studies have shown that a ray of sunlight in the morning can help people heal seasonal and other depression. A new animal study shows that scientists have found the ipRGCs responsible for controlling the biological clock in the thalamus, an area that happens to be associated with emotion. "Big payoff!" Woolf said. "It shows that natural light affects both our biological clocks and our emotions."


For busy white-collar workers, you may wish to bask in the sun on your commute, or move your desk to the window. For those who cannot afford to live in a glass house, it is best to get as much sun as possible in the morning. In particular, you can choose to walk, cycle, try to put the table by the window, or even eat outside. If this is not possible, then you can choose a lamp that better simulates natural light. Now, more and more regions have begun to adopt "people-oriented" lighting methods.


OTER shares with you the light required by the body in a day (for reference only)


●Light should be mainly bright blue and white, preferably natural light.

● Get up on time and draw the curtains as far as possible.

● Have sunshine at home or outdoors during breakfast.

●Walk or ride as much as possible.

● Swap the seat closer to the window, or buy a bright desk lamp.

● Try to get outside as much as possible, but be careful not to get burned by the sun.

●Change indoor sports to outdoor sports.


dark night

●The lighting should be soft, and the interior color should be as warm as possible.

●Use floor lighting instead of fluorescent lamps.

●Choose warm-colored bulbs, or buy colors that can be dimmed.

●Listen to body language and fall asleep when you feel sleepy.

●Use blinds to block sunlight, such as street lights and other things.


《This article is only for popular science and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. Please refer to it with caution. The copyright belongs to OTER. Please don't reprint for commercial purposes without authorization》

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