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What does the logo mean to us?

A logo is the starting point for people to know OTER. A good logo should not only accurately convey the brand's characteristics in a limited space but also leave a deep memory in the minds of consumers. That's what we're going to do.

Therefore, the logo must have the following characteristics:

A. Recognition - it needs to be evident and distinctive, easy to identify and remember;
B. Leadership - should have the characteristics of the times, show the pulse of the times, and keep the brand culture advancing with the times;
C. Identity - represents the brand spirit and values;



Based on the above knowledge, we redesigned OTER's logo. The logo design does not need to be complicated but as simple as possible. The best designs are elementary forms, not cumbersome and complex structures.

OTER's logo integrates the shape of the spaceship and CurBot, so the core problem is how to express it with the most precise lines.

Why choose the rising spaceship?

First, the spacecraft means the future, and what we are doing is facing the future. The rising spaceship means that the spacecraft is constantly accelerating, which also represents the continuous innovation ability of an enterprise.

The whole also implies What we do is to accelerate the popularization of sunshine knowledge and green energy, which means our values: the pursuit of health and greenness. I have always believed that the more valuable a design work is, the more dynamic it is. It will become more alive even after the baptism of time.



Because CurBot is the first product of OTER, and it is also the first product that everyone knows about OTER, we decided to design with CurBot 1S as the prototype.

The two sides of the logo are CurBot's iconic "big ears." The center of the logo is The heart of CurBot - the heartbeat of the dot, the overall logo shape presents the same state as the rising spaceship, so it is named - the rising spaceship.

At the same time, it also means that OTER is influencing more people to become experts in sunshine life and accelerating the popularization of green energy.


We hope that as soon as we see the logo, we can think of what CurBot looks like and think of our mission - influence more people to improve their quality of life through sunshine.

CurBot From OTER

Are many people curious about the relationship between OTER and CurBot? It's straightforward. The difference is that APPLE focuses on consumer electronics.

At the same time, OTER is a collection of sunlight, which owns a series of the sun such as CurBot, WinBot, SUPFILM, etc., product brands. You can refer to the relationship between Apple, iPhone, Ipad, Mac.

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CurBot From OTER|OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot
OTER Group | Curbot | Curtain Robot

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